Bendy and the Ink Machine, Patch Notes "Bug Fix" Update

Summary: All Bendy and the Ink Machine first-round of patches for console are live on the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! This patch includes the most critical fixes to any game breaking or progress-inhibiting bugs, including accessing the Archives upon beating the game, save issues, inability to pick up and store key quest items, and more. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to submit your notes bugs, submit screenshots, and even video. Your dedication and love for Bendy is so evident- you never cease to humble and amaze our team.

In the event you are experiencing a bug listed as patched, please ensure your console has WiFi or hard-line internet access enabled and adequate hard drive space for the updates. For further issues or concerns, please send an email to:


Bug Fixes:

  • Performance optimization

  • End credits have been fixed; music plays where it’s supposed to now

  • Tommy Gun can now be acquired

  • Flashing Effect after killing Searchers has been removed

  • Interactive objects are better visible (highlight added)

  • Subtitles timing was fixed for CH5 beginning

  • Chapter 3: fixed hard lock when Butcher Gang jumps out of the poster

  • Darkness shader in dimly lit areas has been adjusted

  • Glass shaders have been fixed to reflect the surrounding environment properly

  • Fog effects have been implemented and balanced

  • Audio log now fades out after it is finished; text resolution has also been

  • Ink particles have been visually improved

  • Chapter 5: Allison Angel and Tom now move and respond properly

  • End credits have been fixed; music now plays where it is meant to

  • Archives now load properly

  • Chapter 5 loading screen has correct artwork

  • Death Tunnel effects have been visually improved


  • Chapter 5 loading screen has been corrected to show the current chapter

  • Missing shadows in Joey Drew’s apartment are now visible

  • Shadows are in higher resolution

  • Lighting has been fixed to add extra bloom effects throughout the game

  • Steam/cloud particle effects have been added throughout the game

  • Darkness shaders have been optimized throughout the game

  • Localization support for Spanish, French, Italian, and German subtitles have added in the menu

  • Weapon shadows have been disabled to fix “floating” effect on weapons

  • Missing SFXs for some objects have been added (axe, projectors,...)

  • Missing music from radios has been added; all platforms

  • Various minor bug fixes


PS4: Version 1.03

  • PS4 Trophies now working correctly

  • PS4 Pro Support

  • Crash between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 has been fixed

  • Improvements for higher resolution; better quality of shadows

Xbox One: Version

  • X1 Achievements now working correctly

  • Improved User Management on XB1

  • Improvements for Xbox One X (4K)

Nintendo Switch: Version

  • Audio log text fixed - text is no longer pixelated and is readable

  • Curtains throughout the game are no longer red

  • Improved visual effects for Death Tunnel