Barbara Dunkelman Voicing Third Announced Character in Vicious Circle, Zella


Barbara Dunkelman Voicing Third Announced Character in Vicious Circle, Zella

Interstellar gold rushes attract all types of seedy characters - some of whom employ more method to their madness than others. Where some mercenaries prefer to jump into the fray guns blazing, some are more calculated in their approach. 

Introducing Zella; a humanoid femme fatale who is being brought to life through the voice talents of Rooster Teeth’s very own pun-machine, Barbara Dunkelman! Her beauty is matched only by her turbulent and deadly combat style (as well as her ability to maneuver stealthily in and out of danger.) 

A mysterious alien from the planet Tarisol with innate cloaking abilities that allow her to enter a semi-invisible state, she is lighter than air and traverses the world with grace and beauty. But don’t let her regal elegance fool you. She’s a fierce warrior who harnesses the power of dark matter to fire energy blasts from her four palms. She’s a dangerous force to be reckoned with who is not easily compromised.

Her extra set of arms make her a unique threat in combat. When stuck between a rock and a hard place, Zella deceives her opponents by using her cloaking ability that gives her temporary invisibility. Cutthroat and cold, Zella brings new dimensions and variability to Vicious Circle’s gameplay.

Barbara Dunkelman voices Yang in the hit animated series RWBY. She’s a recurring voice talent and cast member on several Rooster Teeth series including her own talk show Always Open, the Rooster Teeth Podcast, Camp Camp and feature film Blood Fest.

Vicious Circle introduces a new game genre, Uncooperative Shooter, to online multiplayer gaming; short-duration matches that reward skilled gameplay as much as strategic deception. It also offers a risk/reward element that allows users to use gadgets which yield unpredictable outcomes that may aid or punish one or several players (including the culprit).

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