Captain Boom, Fourth Announced Character in Vicious Circle, to be Voiced by David Fennoy


Once a soldier, always a soldier: and some of the best soldiers make for even better mercenaries.

The fourth merc we’re announcing is ready to let it rain pain on undisciplined amateurs: Captain Boom is reporting for duty. A gung-ho space marine who speaks in military jargon and loves a good fight, Boom is focused on the objective and ready to eliminate any threat that may cross his path.

Captain Boom is armed to the teeth and always talks about his glory days in the Fourth Intergalactic War. When he’s not telling war stories, he’s going on about his cats. He owns a ridiculous number of cats and has a story for each of them.

When caught up in the crossfire, Boom navigates the battlefield with ease due to years of combat experience. His special ability includes an energy shield that provides a few seconds of invulnerability. 

Rooster Teeth called in the heavy artillery for Captain Boom -long time voice acting veteran David Fennoy will be lending his voice to this battle-scarred mercenary. Fennoy has collaborated with Rooster Teeth before in RWBY as the voice of Doctor Merlot. He is also known for his voicework in The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Borderlands.

Vicious Circle introduces a new game genre, Uncooperative Shooter, to online multiplayer gaming; short-duration matches that reward skilled gameplay as much as strategic deception. It also offers a risk/reward element that allows users to use gadgets which yield unpredictable outcomes that may aid or punish one or several players (including the culprit).

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