Michael and Lindsay Jones to Voice Latest Revealed Character, CR45H & BURN

Michael and Lindsay Jones to Voice Latest Revealed Character, CR45H & BURN

Things are heating up at the Vicious Circle - and that means more wiley mercs are racing in to catch the spoils. One particularly hot team is about to throw some fuel on the fire: introducing CR45H & BURN, a merc pair that’s a little bit naughty, a little bit nice.

The second playable character(s) in Vicious Circle is a sentient industrial robot and her counterpart; a psychotic fire baby. CR45H is a master of electrical engineering and fluent in 600 languages. Burn is the fire in the belly that keeps the machine running. He’s also a maniacal asshole who wants to destroy everything!

Who better to voice this dynamic duo than Rooster Teeth’s original angel and demon team -Lindsay and Michael Jones?

These two pose a lethal force of sadistic synchronization. When stuck in a heated situation, Burn can eject his pod-ball from CR45H’s belly and roll around the world like a hamster. When this happens, CR45H disintegrates into nanoparticles and follows the ball around like a swarm of energy bees. After a few seconds, CR45H respawns into her physical form and Burn lodges back inside her belly.

Michael and Lindsay are both members of Achievement Hunter and star in several original Rooster Teeth series and films including RWBY, Camp Camp, Red vs. Blue, gen:LOCK, and Lazer Team. Michael has also voiced roles in notable anime including Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Vicious Circle introduces a new game genre, Uncooperative Shooter, to online multiplayer gaming; short-duration matches that reward skilled gameplay as much as strategic deception. It also offers a risk/reward element that allows users to use gadgets which yield unpredictable outcomes that may aid or punish one or several players (including the culprit).

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