RWBY: Deckbuilding Game - Patch Notes for ver. 0.58

Huntresses and Huntsman: Patch 0.58 is here!

We've made some tweaks to improve server stability, help you claim those Bounties, and fixed the Raid Rewards system!

Be sure to run updates and verify you have the most current version of the game for Google Play/Android, iOS and Steam!

Summary of patch notes for the RWBY: Deckbuilding Game ver. 0.58 - 2/27/19:

· Game creation should no longer get into a state that could create an empty game that doesn’t launch correctly
· Bounty Mission rewards can now be claimed correctly
· Fixed a bug where players could complete multiple Relic Bounty Missions in a day
· Fixed a bug where players could get duplicate cards stuck on their screen
· Fixed a bug where players could get the card zoom sidebar stuck on their screen
· Clicking the end turn button rapidly no longer can cause you to skip a turn
· Updated the image on the Shining Beacon Premium Pass
· All raid rewards are now correctly available to be earned
· Several text fixes
· Server stability upgrades

Happy Hunting! Please tag us on @OfficialRTGames with your favorite screenshots! :D