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Rooster Teeth Games Support

Are you having an issue with a game? Or just want to pass along some feedback? We'd love to hear any of your thoughts and help you with any problems you have!

We offer support for the following games:

- Bendy and the Ink Machine [Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch versions]

- RWBY The Deckbuilder [Steam, iOS, Android)

- RWBY: Grimm Eclipse [PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4]

- RWBY: Combat Ready

- Million Dollars, But... The Game

- Battlesloths 2020: The Great Pizza Wars [Steam]

- Vicious Circle (Coming 2019)

Please click the form link below and fill in your information. You'll be contacted shortly from one of our Community Support members and we'll investigate the issue! Thank you for all your help.

Fill out our Support Form Here!